Photo of MaureenI've been fascinated by user-centered design since I taught myself hand-coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 16 years ago. By designing software, developing websites and creating eLearning courses, I learned the importance of not only good visual design and coding, but also quality user experiences that help users do what they need to do — and do it well.

My professional expertise includes three years in UX and 13 years in web development and design. I also have a Master of Science in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University. My UX toolkit includes workflow and task analysis, contextual inquiry, interviews to discover user needs, mockups and prototyping, heuristic evaluation, and user testing. I create workflows, interactive prototypes, user interfaces, and usability studies, and I have expert knowledge of hand-coded HTML and CSS.

In terms of who I am as a person: I am a hard worker who enjoys using humor to interact with colleagues and diffuse challenging situations. I appreciate opportunities to make a difference. I'm also very friendly and my enthusiasm shows in my willingness to help others. If a colleague needs assistance solving a UX problem, I'm always there with a helping hand. I love presenting information in groups and at conferences, and I work diligently to keep my UX skills current.

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